Certified Federal Surveyors (CFedS)


Subdivisions and Platting, Design to Final Plat

Whether you’re dividing your property to give to family or preparing investment for the future, Glahe & Associates can help you from conceptual planning to the project completion.


We recognize that your property is important to you. We apply our many years of boundary experience with to give you the best opinion of your boundary location.


The Glahe team is one of the premier cadastral surveying firms in the Pacific NW. Our equipped and experienced surveyors routinely perform successful cadastral projects for timber companies, as well as State and Federal agencies.


It is always important to know exactly what you are purchasing. Many lenders require an ALTA/ACSM survey prior to closing. At Glahe, we know the importance of an accurate and complete ALTA/ACSM survey.

Legal Descriptions

Legal Descriptions are the foundation of properties. Whether it be for a deed, access or utility easement, view easement, etc., a properly written legal description is absolutely necessary. Our surveyors are educated extensively on how to draft these descriptions.

Lidar Laser Scanning - Precision Imaging and 3D Modeling

Our HDS equipment has scanned highways, bridges, submarines, rock faces, buildings and more. LiDAR scanning quickly collects millions of precision X,Y,Z coordinates to quickly generate a survey accurate model.

GPS-RTK capabilities

Glahe has been at the forefront of GPS technology in the Pacific NW since the 1990’s when Larry Glahe purchased Trimble 4000 static units. We have continued to stay current on GPS hardware and software. Glahe offers RTK services for whatever application you might need.

GPS - Geodetic Control Networks

Surveyors are often the first step in large scale design projects. We’ve successfully developed Geodetic Control Networks for the Transmission lines, highways, bridges, freeways, mining companies, subdivision developments and more. We put our knowledge to work to make sure the project groundwork is done correctly.

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey is a measurement and mapping of existing features and are typically used for the design of highways, bridges, structures, transmission lines, etc. Glahe & Associates applies our years of experience with mapping and coding to produce the most efficient topographic survey possible.

Rights-of-Way/Route/Highway Surveys

Glahe & Associates is very experienced with right-of-way and route surveys. Whether it be Federal, State, City right-of-way, or a railroad or transmission line, we can provide the service you need.

Condominium Plats

We have the tools necessary to complete your condominium project. From concept to completion, Glahe has the tools for a successful project.

Transmission Line & Substation Surveys

Our surveyors have many years of experience with above and below ground transmission line surveying. We can lay out the control, collect information survey spans and attachment points, etc. Our substation crews are safety certified and know how to safely navigate electrical substations.

Commercial Development

Glahe can assist you with the development of your commercial project. We will put our boundary, topographic, and construction staking experience to work for you.

Plant Facilities

We’ve been called to perform as-built surveys on existing pipes, ductwork, etc., for large processing and manufacturing plants. Utilizing our LiDAR HDS, this information can be used for many things such as material counts, clash detection for new equipment and many other uses.

Expert witness services

Glahe & Associates offers professional expert witness services in the field of land surveying. After careful consideration, we can offer an honest and unbiased opinion pertaining to your situation.

Construction Surveying - Large and Small

We have successfully staked out roads, highways, bridges, buildings and even the Silver Rapids Waterpark in Kellogg! Large or small, Glahe & Associates has the team and manpower to complete your construction project.

As-built construction layouts

Post-construction surveying is also a very important piece of the construction project. We can survey for quantities, slopes, striping, etc., and can provide that information to you in almost any report of format you might need.

County Development Permits

Often times, the forms and permits required to begin your project can be intimidating. The team at Glahe & Associates can help you navigate through the necessary paperwork, as well as provide the FEMA elevation certificate for the permit.


Banks, insurance companies, counties and municipalities require FEMA elevation certificates if you’re in an area of potential flooding. After our survey, Glahe & Associates can complete these forms for you and also tell you if you qualify for a LOMA/LOMC or Letter of Map Change/Amendment to remove your structure of property out the FEMA flood mapped area.

CAD Drafting & Mapping Services

Glahe & Associates runs several CAD drafting and mapping software programs. Our CAD operators have the experience necessary to deliver maps for almost any application and we have large format scanning and printing capabilities to facilitate your project.

Easement Development

Easements are a very important part of real property. An easement is permission to someone other than the property owner to use the property, or usually a portion of the property, for a specific purpose. Our professional surveyors have written hundreds of easements for many different purposes. We can help you to protect your property or easement rights.


Glahe & Associates currently has 3 individuals holding their FAA Part 107 licenses for UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operation. This new technology has many applications and is used as a tool to work with conventional surveying techniques to add efficiency and accuracy.